• is a journey and are Voyagers

  • The cornerstone of your is what deliver

  • are as as your signature

  • build projects from our heart and relationships out of

  • create your monument that transpires


is a LUXURY brand which exclusively focuses on elite signature residential projects for a niche clientele.


The cornerstone of your LUXURY is what deliver

  • create your monument that transpires

  • is a journey and      are Voyagers

  • The cornerstone of your is what      deliver

  • are as as your signature

  • build projects from our heart and relationships out of

transform your most precious dreams into a unique reality.

-- Jose Charles Martin --


The Martin Group of Companies is one of India's largest business empires which now holds the majority market share of the country's Lottery Industry.The group is also diversified into: Construction, Property Development, Hospitality, Textile & Fabric Mills, Educational Institutions, Sustainable Energy, Retail Malls, Steel Plants, and Media & Entertainment. The Chairman of the Martin Group officially holds the record title for being the highest personal tax payer in India for the year 2004. He has been awarded the gold medal for Excellence in Business by the Foundation for Excellence in Business Practice,Geneva,in 2004.

Who are anyway?

Meet the team who built the dream


Managing Director

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Jose Charles Martin

What do?

develop unique and signature projects for U


"JUST JUMP" by Sean Smith, an enthralling programme sponsored by The People's Builder.

Legendary coach Sean Smith delivers his autograph for a participant at the recent Life skills programme sponsored by The People’s Builder, at Chennai.

A trainee practices at R-Accelerate, a high performance fitness and training centre in Chennai, sponsored by The People's Builder.

High profile athlete and cricketer L. Balaji practices and trains for the IPL at R-Accelerate. The People's Builder has had the privilege of sponsoring the training camps for most of the current and rising athletic superstars of Chennai and beyond.

Lifeskills coach Sean Smith poses with members of the management of The People’s Builder, one of the key sponsors of the event JUST JUMP including the Managing Director, Mr. Jose Charles Martin, the COO Mr. George Marshall and the General Manager Mr. Vignesh.

“One for the road ahead”, the management of The People’s Builder and the event organizer for the JUST JUMP programme, Mr. Venkatesh, pose with lifeskills coach Sean Smith for a memento photograph, marking the end of the session at Chennai.

The members of Team pose with the chief speaker of the day, Sidra Jafri, at her event "THE AWAKENING", a one day lifeskills development programme organized at Taj Vivanta, Coimbatore. The program was sponsored by The People's Builder, in association with Innovative Services and Success Gyan, for Coimbatore.

Speaker, Sidra Jafri, enthralls the audience with her interactive approaches towards breaking down some of life's complex obstacles with simpler inner solutions. Sidra Jafri presented a one-day programme, hosted by The People's Builder, in Coimbatore.


are working on the following real estate projects
by keeping people's choice in mind.


#54, Mettupalayam Road, G. N. Mills Post, Coimbatore 641029, India

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